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Photography Academy

We take you from novice to expert in photography, register today and become a professional in no time.

To help prospective photography students realize their dreams through dedicated and uninterrupted learning with accurate information.


Why you should enrol

• Carefully organized classes and courses
• Expert instructors
• Continuous learning and mentorship
• 100% practical and theoretical lessons.
• Learn the business side of photography
• Up-to-date library for further research.
• Get an edge over other competitors

Our Training Programs


At UKAY Photography Academy, we train photography hobbyists, beginners and intermediates to realize their full potentials through a well-structured photography training geared at raising world-class photographers.

3 Months Training

For people who aspire to gain mastery over the art of capturing moments and the art of photography.


• Camera and Lens Control
• Understanding Photographic Equipments
• Exposure Control
• Composition and Depth of Field
• Light and Lighting Techniques
• Post Production (Photo Editing)

PROGRAM FEE: ₦100,000

6 Months Training

for people who want to graduate from being a competent amateur photographer, to finding fresh inspiration, taking new challenges and pushing their skills further to make professional-quality pictures.


Take control of your camera - learn to previsualize the results you want and fully exploit photography equipment to achieve them.
Develop your skills - master the subtleties and complexities of composition, lighting, and timing.
Enhance your pictures - explore the huge possibilities of image manipulation and apply key techniques.
Start to specialize - discover the primary considerations for a variety of genres - from portrait photography to sport, meet several professionals in Nigeria and find inspiration in their work.

PROGRAM FEE: ₦150,000

1 Year Training

This is a complete photography training course that is geared at raising world-class photographers! At the end of this one year full training, you must have mastered ALL THE NECESSARY SKILLS needed to be successful in your photography journey.

This training covers some well-detailed business courses like:

  • Building a photography portfolio
  • Branding your business and finding clients
  • Developing contracts, book keeping, pricing, and marketing your brand
  • The business of photography, and lots more


Mastering photography skills - you will gain enough technical information that allows you operate a camera, exposure, composition, etc. It introduces you to the tools and techniques of photography.

Working with light - learn different lighting techniques; from lighting compass, to names of light, to understanding light modifiers, down to creating Do-It-Yourself (DIY) light modifiers.

Seeing better pictures - the aesthetic aspects of photography are taught throughout the program, hence building your most valuable gears in photography - "the eyes and the mind".

Enhancing pictures - learn how to transform your pictures to look amazingly beautiful with the most powerful image editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Carrying out photography projects - You will undergo well-supervised projects that are tied to your passion which will eventually serve as a powerful reminder of why you love the art of creating sparkling images.

PROGRAM FEE: ₦250,000